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Children's Classes

Sunday School helps impart life lessons and values of today by teaching Bible lessons from both the Old and New Testaments.

Many young children struggle to understand the word of God when it is taught during regular services. We have teachers in place to help make the message understandable for younger children. Our Sunday School classes are divided into specific age levels so that the children learn according to their age and educational level, so they can get a better understanding of what is being taught. We have amazing teachers dedicated to the spiritual development of our children. Our classes are grade-specific and assuming attendance supports it, they are broken out as follows:

  • PreK-Kindergarten
  • 1st-3rd Grade
  • 4th-5th Grade
  • 4th-5th Confirmation

Youth Classes

Our Youth Sunday School is a time for spiritual growth and learning for grades 6-12.

Our class consists of Bible lessons/devotions, activity and prayer. Sunday School is also an important part of the socializing process as it can help members, especially those children new to the church, to get to know one another. Life can be hectic, and if you find it challenging just to make it to church, you might not be even able to think about getting to Sunday School. Many parents find that it is great to have the support of the church as you teach your children the truth of scripture.

Many of our youth who attend Sunday school are also active in our Chestnut Youth Group. The Group seeks to provide a caring and supportive program where all youth feel welcome. We strive to provide opportunities for spiritual growth through learning, social, and service activities.

Classes for Adults

Wesley Bible Study Class
This adult Bible study group is facilitated by dedicated teachers who encourage participation. The class consists of varied religious backgrounds, which makes for interesting and engaging conversation. We share our opinions and understanding of the Biblical lessons that are studied each week. Every session involves reading scripture and studying what God would have us learn. Our teachers use a wide variety of sources for their information. Our lessons bring about great discussion on how we can use the studied verses in our lives today. The messages are clear and our faith in Christ deepens even more. We meet each Sunday in our own classroom in the Fellowship Hall. All are invited to experience this wonderful group of friends!

Transformations Class
This class consists of young adults and those who are young at heart. We have a Bible study and open discussions on how we can apply God's word to our everyday lives in hopes of seeing a transformation in our Christian walk. The Upper Room is often used as a resource to facilitate discussion. Christ is among us in fresh ways when we gather together, listening to God and each other. Young or old, we welcome you to a class filled with love, compassion, and lively discussion centered on God's word.

Nelms-Walker Class
This is the largest Sunday School class and has been around the longest. It was named for Willie Nelms, who started the class some 80 years ago; and for Bill Walker, who was one of its leaders for many years. We have several teachers who rotate each Sunday. The curriculum is based on the UMC Lectionary. A specific Bible passage is chosen each week and serious reflection is given to its meaning. These weekly lessons answer important Christian faith questions and feature suggestions for developing spiritual practices that nurture our faith (prayer, confession, worship, mindfulness, community, hospitality, evangelism, and service to others). All ages are welcome.

Seminar Class
This is an adult class that studies a variety of issues from a United Methodist and a Christian perspective. It is a self-directed class with no designated leader or teacher. All participate in the decisions of the class and in presenting discussion topics. Usually, a member begins the class with a presentation and most of the class is discussion of the issues raised. We use videotapes, audiotapes, and other materials to prompt our discussions. Examples of recent studies include the writings of Adam Hamilton and the book Finding God in a Bag of Groceries.