Sunday School

Sunday School

Note: Sunday School is largely on hold, pending our return to in-person worship. Some classes are meeting on Zoom, such as the Seminar and Transformation classes. For the meeting-ID and password, contact Ernie Dash or Connie Thompson respectively.

Sunday School for all ages: 10:05 a.m.
Our Sunday School program provides a wide variety of exciting opportunities for fellowship, learning, outreach, worship, and service. There are classes for children, and these are at age level. Classes for adults include the following.

Connections Class
Karen Heist
Adults see the world through the filter of life experience and life transitions. Adults enter Bible study and worship, bringing with them this variety of views. "Feasting on the Word" materials will engage adults in a deeper exploration of Biblical texts.

Faithbuilders Classroom
Lisa Marie Jones
Faithbuilders is a contemporary adult Sunday school class. We are a young-at-heart group ranging in age from 21 to 69. We base our lessons, studies, and devotions according to the lives of our students; and we plan family-oriented social events to encourage fellowship, bonding, and reaching out with God's love and grace.

Nelms Sunday School Class
Nelms Room
Bill Walker
We study the International Sunday school lesson. Since it ties in with the lectionary we cover the entire Bible in a few years. Every age is represented in our class, from teens to mid-nineties.

Seminar Sunday School Class
Seminar Room
Steve Chenault
The Seminar is an adult Sunday School discussion class. We are self-led and have no designated leader. There are no lectures. We use a variety of resources as the starting points for our discussions, the discussion being the most important part of our Christian journey of discovery.

Transformations Class
Bell Room
Connie and Mike Thompson
Geared toward single young adults, ages 18 to 30-ish. The “transformations” concept reflects students going from directly under their parents' wings to the next stage in their lives. The focus of the class is on clarifying each student's beliefs, ideas, goals, and activities as they go out into the world as disciples of Christ.

Wesley Bible Study Class
Wesley Room
Lou Ann McIntosh, Gil Firth, and Jo Rawls
This is an adult Bible study class that is led by three dedicated teachers and which encourages participation by persons in the class. Our class consists of varied religious backgrounds and makes for some interesting comments and opinions.