Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note

Senior Pastor, Rev. Kenneth S. Waclo

"Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains."
– James 5:7

February can be a challenging month. A month removed from festivities of December, and a month removed from the start of spring, February lies in the heart of winter. In Tidewater we can see days in the 60s and we can have those surprise snow events which would shut down the area. You just never know about February.

The other day I snapped a picture of daffodils at sunset. The daffodils in a parking lot island decided they were not going to wait and bloomed mightily, and I might think a bit early. But I am no plant expert, maybe these are winter daffodils. Either way they are pretty.

And at our church we are in a season in between Christmas and the start of Lent. We are in a season of returning additional ministries, and we are continuing to get to know one another. Sometimes I feel anxious like I want the season to just advance and get to the next big thing. I suppose that is why I chose the daffodils for this month’s article. Maybe, in their own daffodil way they were ready for spring. But, alas, we truly must wait for the spring rains. They will come in time, and while we wait, I believe God has things for us to experience and learn. We need to be patient.

As I write this, our worship services have been planned through June, we have a mission opportunity in the spring to provide meals to the hungry, and even Vacation Bible School is getting “roughed in.” But we must be patient. This month we will welcome the homeless with a week of supporting PORT. It will require many hands and help from neighboring churches to present our best. Additionally, this month we will begin our journey of a Holy Lent with a Shrove Tuesday Supper, and celebrate Ash Wednesday on the 22nd with services at noon and 7 p.m.

We have work to do right in our midst. The work of spring, of Easter, of Pentecost; that will all come in their time. For now we need to focus on our winter work. One of the goals of February is to have a “Visioning and Goal Setting Retreat” so that we may forge ahead in this new year with a clearer direction of where God is leading us. This will involve everyone in the church providing input and ideas because we are the church together. So welcome to February! Not quite spring, definitely winter, but the seasons are changing. Let’s continue to move together, worshipping and working joyfully side by side! Spring showers and spring flowers are coming, but it is February and God has things for us to do here and now. And if God gives us flowers to enjoy this month, let’s enjoy them, for they are gifts of God’s good creation, and God’s gifts are always right on time!