A Note from Senior Pastor, Rev. Kenneth S. Waclo

One of the many things I love about the parson-age is the front porch. Now that baseball season is here, most nights I will spend an inning or two listening to a Tides game on my transistor radio. If there is no game I will watch the sky to the west turn a beautiful salmon color as the day fades. And it is a great place to ponder.

I will sit on the porch and wonder just where all these people are going on Harpersville Road, and why they have to go so fast. I watch pedestrians walk down Harpersville and I will pray for their safety. Of course there are always plenty of sirens which means a prayer for first responders, and F-22's and T-38's overhead which means prayers for our military.

Currently our mailbox is being converted to a bird's nest. We think a sparrow is making a home there, and in the trees our cardinals are chirping all the time. Late at night deer come to our yard, and of course we love seeing Sam the Eagle and his wife Betsy. At least that's what we have named them.

I guess you may have noted a theme about the front porch, things slow down there. Me and Alice eat dinner out there sometimes, or just talk. When I need to slow down, feel a gentle breeze, or just be…I have a place.

As we move into the late spring and enter summer, it feels like life is moving way too fast. I mean, we just had Christmas, by Valentine's Day we were in Lent. By the end of March, we had celebrated Easter, and this month we will celebrate Pentecost, along with Mother's Day, graduations, and Memorial Day. It just feels like we have been on a rapid pace for a while. In one sense I am thankful because it means our church has activities and events.

But I want to talk about the self care piece. I want to talk about can we slow down when we need to slow down? Does everyone have their porch? Or deck, sun room, man cave, she shed, tree house, garage, or hiding place? In Matthew 6:6 Jesus observed, “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Even Jesus knew we needed to find a porch and be still. Jesus often withdrew to quiet places, he tried to model for us a behavior that is important. If Jesus needed time away to be still and rest, then we most certainly do as well. The first letter of our "MEDSS" is MAINTAINING SELF CARE. With all the busyness that is going on around us, with all the requirements placed upon us, let's make sure we take time for us. If you are looking for me, just check our front porch first, I'm probably listening to the Tides.

God Bless,
Pastor Ken