United Methodist Volunteers in Mission

Volunteers in Mission



"United Methodist Volunteers in Mission is a grassroots movement within the United Methodist Church designed to provide an official channel for volunteer service. Through UMVIM, Christians (lay and clergy) can offer their skills and talents for service in their home country and around the world on short-term assignments at their own expense."

"The UMVIM network offers guidance, organization, and training for more than 125,000 volunteers each year who give of their time and talent to minister with the poor, build churches and other mission facilities, assist in disaster recovery efforts, participate in community health programs and take part in leadership training events each year."

Source: UMCMission.org

At Chestnut, we normally have two or more mission trips attended by a dozen or so volunteers. We go where the need is greatest, often to areas ravaged by flood or hurricane. Members are divided into teams and might perform tasks such as painting, putting up drywall, doing yard work and the like. Trips are usually a week to 10 days in duration and transportation is provided by the church. Opportunities for both national and international service are offered.