United Women in Faith

United Women in Faith

Chestnut Methodist Women will have their General Meeting on Tuesday, September 19th, 11:30 am with a covered dish luncheon in the Wesley Classroom.

After a long history with the United Methodist Women, the circles at Chestnut recently decided to disaffiliate with the United Women of Faith. Some of our former members are meeting at the church, looking to continue in fellowship and with a focus on supporting mission work in the local area. They have chosen the name of Chestnut Methodist Women and their leader is Jo Rawls. Here is a peek into CMW current events.


By Jo Rawls

The Chestnut Methodist Women had a heartfelt program about the Avalon Center for Women and Children. The presentation was given by Leslie Jingluski, Director of Community  Engagement. She told us that Avalon has been in the greater Williamsburg and Middle Peninsula communities since 1980. The Center helps women and children who have experienced abuse and violence of all kinds to be placed in safe shelters and homes. Through prevention, education, shelter and support services they break the cycle of abuse. They assist with emergency housing, banking, legal advocacy, hospital accompaniment, youth services and counseling appropriate for their circumstances. Abuse may not have to be physical, and it often
doesn’t seem obvious at first. It usually begins with a variety of methods of power and control, as in coercion.

How can we respond to help this center to assist these traumatized women and children? Volunteer your time and become an advocate for survivors and engage with them on social media. Their hotline, toll free is (833) 537-0970, and is manned 24/7. All of their services are free and 100% confidential. Donations and Wal-Mart gift cards can be sent to Avalon Center for Women and Children, PO Box 60805, Williamsburg, VA 23188. Blessings to all!