By Elizabeth Burtner

These are the “Bits and Bites” for December 2020. Although the groups appear to have slowed down a bit, everyone is moving forward. Albeit slowly, cautiously ... and rightly so in the midst of a pandemic!

The Girl Scouts have begun meeting virtually. As a Brownie assistant leader, I was there to witness Lena Anderson co-host while Sandy Elder hosted our first Zoom meeting. Besides myself, there were Mr. Steve and Mr. David and 16 Brownies. The theme was: “Dance Party” and it was a lot of fun. I kept my rear in my seat as I moved and grooved to the tunes. Second and third graders, aged 7-9 years, were all up on their feet and learning the dances. These included the Twist from the 1960s. The Trolls’ 2016 movie hit song “Can't Stop the Feeling.” An early ‘90's favorite, “La Macarena.” And a hit from 2019, “Can't Tell Me Nothing,” a country line dance song by Lil Naz and featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. There were so many laughs and giggles. I'm sure they'll all be back and recruit their friends too.

 Pack 11 is also busy. They're cheering on three packsters as they Bridge Over to Scouts BSA and into our Troop 11 Boys and Troop 11 Girls. The boys will gain one, while the girls gain two. We've had four boys age out, or turn 18. And we've lost half of our girls. All of which is part of life. You win some, you lose some and you hold some. We're hoping to recruit more Scouts.

We're all still having meetings, virtually mostly and completing our annual recharter. And we're planning our end-of-year Courts of Honor. Planning is harder this year as they need to be held as socially-distanced events and/or outdoors. We're all hoping that 2021 will bring us closer, rather than continuing to keep us at arm’s length.

Points of Contact for Scouting at Chestnut:

Girl Scouts, Troop 1260: contact Sandy Elder,
Boy Scouts, Troop 11-B (boys): contact Orie Heist,
Scouts BSA, Troop 11-G (girls): contact Janet Cooper,
Cub Scouts, Pack 11 (boys and girls): contact Whitney Sigler,