By Elizabeth Burtner

These are trying times! There has been a national conversation for months now with regard to the bankruptcy case that you may have seen on the news. If all of the cases filed are deemed 100% valid it would total .0006% out of the 110,000,000 million scouts who have served in the Boy Scouts of America program since 1910. It is an ever-changing and evolving situation and we're learning more as they let us know. And we'll do our best to keep you informed. This is certainly a difficult time within the scouting community and in the Methodist church. Many of us in the scouting ministry ask for prayers for Scouts, Scouters, clergy and the Methodist church that charters us. As Bill Chaffin, director of Scouting Ministries said to me, "It's up to the local church, about how to proceed in moving forward." In Scouting, we are called to be reverent. We heed the advice spoken in God's word to go forward and make disciples of Christ. And we do this by growing together and learning life skills following the Scouting Principles. There should be more coming out as we're going to print. Stay tuned. If you have further questions, please contact the conference office at (804) 521-1100.


Remember, we are to mask outside and inside at all Scouting meetings and events on church grounds.

We are thrilled that activities are coming back and inside of Chestnut. Girl Scouts have started back. Sandy Elder is their leader. Contact her at for Tuesday's meeting times.

Pack 11 Cub Scouts are hosting an open house on Monday, Sep. 27 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the CMUMC parking lot. Whitney Sigler is Cub Master. They meet on Mondays at 6:30 p.m.. Contact Whitney at

Troop 11 Boys are pleased to welcome Dylan and Jay, our two new scouts. In spite of these trials and the pandemic, we're still growing! They meet on Thursdays from 6:30-8 p.m. Orie Heist is the Scout Master. Contact Orie at

Troop 11 Girls are reforming and regrouping and we need more girls to help us to grow too. We are now meeting on Mondays from 7-8:30 p.m. Elizabeth Burtner is the Scout Master. Contact Elizabeth at

In closing, I pray that those who have been impacted by this situation be healed and always remember to walk in love and give grace freely to all we encounter.



Points of Contact for Scouting at Chestnut:

Girl Scouts, Troop 1260: contact Sandy Elder,
Boy Scouts, Troop 11-B (boys): contact Orie Heist,
Scouts BSA, Troop 11-G (girls): contact Janet Cooper,
Cub Scouts, Pack 11 (boys and girls): contact Whitney Sigler,