By Elizabeth Burtner

Change has come upon us. Pack 11 has folded and so has Troop 11 Girls. These young Cubbies and young ladies have all found new packs and troops with which to continue their Scouting journey. And we wish them well.

Here are Whitney Sigler's parting words as Pack 11 Cub Master: "Good Morning. After a lot of empty offers for help facilitating the pack, we did decide we could not recharter. A cub master and three den leaders along with eight scouts was not sustainable. We held recruiting events all summer twice a month at Sandy Bottom, handed out fliers and popsicles, promoted on Facebook, held two recruiting events but the street outside of Chestnut is blocked to through traffic. We did what any cub scout family could do -- we tried our best. We wish nothing but the best for the future of Pack 11."

Scout Master for Troop 11 Girls is me, Liz Burtner. As we were going to print, the girls were working to complete the Art Merit Badge and setting up Sammie's Eagle project. More news next month.

Troop 11 Boys have continued to recruit, and they are busy preparing for Lumberjack Campout.
Girl Scouts of Colonial Coast Council and Troop 1260 recently had their Cookie Kickoff Rally Event at Busch Gardens. The troop would like to say congratulations and best wishes to Lena Anderson as she has just retired from nursing after 33 years. She is the Brownie leader and is a church member.

In closing as we reflect on what was, what is, and what is yet to be ... Happy New Year, one and all. Embrace change with all its potential. As Albert Einstein said, "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." May we keep this in mind as we move forward. Take care and we will see you next month!


Points of Contact for Scouting at Chestnut:

Girl Scouts, Troop 1260: contact Sandy Elder,
Boy Scouts, Troop 11-B (boys): contact Orie Heist,