By Elizabeth Burtner

Greetings, everyone. Hard to believe that this month marks a year since a dramatic shift happened in how we do life. While much remains the same, we still meet virtually with almost everything we do. We are trying our best to figure out our path forward as we navigate change, all the while following Governor Northam's ever-adapting restrictions.

Speaking of restrictions, this is no time for diets. It's Girl Scout Cookie Season once again. And, new this year -- you can request to have contactless delivery. Contact Sandy Elder at to place your order.

Or, if you happen to have a favorite Girl Scout, most have "Virtual Cookie Order Forms" available. That will allow you to place socially-distanced orders. This month also marks 100 years of Girl Scouting in America. Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts and Girl Scouters!

And, if you're anything like me and enjoy a little something salty to go with your sweets -- have no fear, the boys and girls of Troop 11 are selling Whitley's Virginia Peanuts. Contact Laura Nelson-Rogers at:

Troop 11 is continuing with their annual mulch fundraiser. Find our flyer on FaceBook at If you're a repeat customer, you've probably received a reminder email. We hope to hear from you again. And we thank you ahead of time for your support. This is the biggest and best way to help our Troop 11 Scouts. These funds enable them to attend summer camp and buy gear they may need. Every dollar makes a difference in the life of a Scout.

Along those same lines: there's a different look to Troop 11 Girls. There's a new Scout Master in place and it's ME. Say what? Yes, I know, I can hardly believe it, too. I'll be leading five wonderful young ladies: Sammie, Isabella, Makayla, Sofia and Cadence. Sammie recently made her Life Rank and is working on her Eagle Project paperwork. She has asked me to assist her in another one of Dave Singletary's conservation-minded projects. And Cadence recently had her first Scout Masters Conference. She has now achieved her first Scout Rank. We experienced this together on Thursday, Feb. 4. Troop 11 Girls and I would like to publicly thank Mrs. Janet Cooper for laying the foundation to get the Girls Troop off the ground. We're forever grateful to Janet for all of her hard work and dedication. 

A bit of news from Troop 11 Boys: Justin Rogers has also just had his Life Board of Review. Troop members who sat on his board were: Dick Barnes, Randy Merkel and Elizabeth Burtner. Justin handled his board like a pro. He was talkative and responsive to our questions. A Scout is always prepared and he knows his stuff. Good job, Justin! We're so proud of you. Now, he has six months of work until he can start his Eagle Project. 

Pack 11 has been busy as well. Whitney Sigler, their Cub Master has been juggling work and volunteer responsibilities as she guides these Cubbies forward. These little go-getters are in grades Kindergarten-5th. They are busy preparing for the annual Pinewood Derby car race. This year it will be virtual. Despite the pandemic, they are on track for every Cub Scout to make rank. Pack 11 is also happy to report they have two new Lions, which are Kindergarten-aged Cubbies.

In February we as a Troop and a Pack were able to come together to celebrate Scout Sunday 2021, albeit virtually. Given the uniqueness of these times it is difficult to be separated by our chartered organization. In reflecting back on 2020's Scout Sunday Service, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Bill Chaffin who drove down from Richmond to be our guest speaker at a time when we had just suffered a major loss within our own Scouting family, with the passing of Tim Ewing. Please take a moment to remember Bill, as he's just suffered his own loss with the passing of his father, Ira. His job is a big one as he is our Virginia Conference Ministry of Scouting Coordinator.

In closing, as we march onward and continue living in this cycle of COVID-19, stay safe. Be well. Find a way to make a difference. Take a virtual class. I'm doing that with the Colonial Virginia Council's "Leave No Trace / Outdoor Ethics Hybrid Class." Leave your surroundings better than you found them. As I think back to the May 15, 2018 Bishop's Dinner, the theme was "Leave A Trace." That concept was Bill Chaffin's. He wanted you to remember to impart a part of yourself on others and leave a mark of difference in someone's life. Try your daily best to make your mark as well. 



Points of Contact for Scouting at Chestnut:

Girl Scouts, Troop 1260: contact Sandy Elder,
Boy Scouts, Troop 11-B (boys): contact Orie Heist,
Scouts BSA, Troop 11-G (girls): contact Janet Cooper,
Cub Scouts, Pack 11 (boys and girls): contact Whitney Sigler,