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February was just LOVEly. We have a lot of things planned for March. We will be searching for the leprechaun on Mar. 16 and 17. We haven’t caught him yet, but this could be our year! Caterpillars will be arriving this month, and the students will be able to observe them eat and grow in their individual classrooms. They will grow quickly, make their chrysalises and hopefully students will see them emerging as butterflies before they leave for spring break. The classes often name their caterpillars and then wave to them as they fly away as butterflies. Time is just flying by! 

Our goal at Chestnut Memorial Preschool is to provide each student with an excellent foundation for learning. Your child is very important to us! We realize that each child is a unique individual full of potential and ready to learn. At Chestnut, the children learn while they are having fun with a curriculum designed to prepare them for future learning and the exciting life ahead of them. Through a variety of activities, they will develop not only academic skills, but a belief in themselves, respect for others, good work habits and an eagerness to learn.

Preschool will give your child the opportunity to become a member of a group where they will learn to share materials, toys and adult attention. The ability to do these things will help your child make an easy transition to other learning environments.

Our teachers at Chestnut are simply the best! They understand the needs of preschool children and how they learn best. With warmth, affection and a nurturing heart, they will help your child develop the many skills necessary to be successful not only this year, but in the future.

The Chestnut Preschool family consists of a supportive school board and a quality teaching staff. This professional group of individuals is responsible for what we believe is a superb program here at Chestnut Memorial Preschool.

Susan Egyud, Director
Christine Cole, Assistant Director

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