Scouting News

scouting awards

Pack 11 has been busy in March with Chestnut Memorial Raceway Pinewood Derby and all our first and second place winners go onto Monitor Merrimac District Pinewood Derby to race against 25 packs from the area of Newport News and Hampton. Good Luck Pack 11 Cub Scouts and hope you are able to bring some gold home to Chestnut.

Our second year Webelo Scouts have completed their Arrow of Light and have bridged into Troop 11.

Troop 11 has had a good month picking up four new scouts to join our troop family.

Chestnut Memorial has made history in Scouts, as our Troop 11G is off and running with our first girl to join the troop.

Elizabeth Burtner, chaplain of Troop 11, has done her Ordeal and is now a member of the Order of the Arrow. History was made, as girls have joined the Order of the Arrow for the first time.

Congratulations to Wayne Ewing on being presented the Highest Award on Council Level, the Silver Beaver Award; and to Tim Ewing, on being presented the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award.

Girls and boys can do the same activities with more things to choose as scouts can earn over 50 awards and 135 merit badges. Scout BSA program, where both scouts and scouters are recognized with awards that can be worn on their uniform, vest or merit badge sash.