Scouting News

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By Tim Ewing

I want to start off my report by saying, Chestnut Memorial has to have one of the best Scouting Ministry programs in the York River District and here is why I say it. Chestnut is the only church that I know, that has monthly news on what scouts are doing in the church and has a close relationship between the church and units.

Our scouts have done wonderful things here over the past nine months and now we head into summer, when our Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts attend camp. The church will be quite and empty on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, but once September gets here, we will be back into our full swing of meetings at Chestnut.

Thank you Girl Scout Unit 1260, Cub Scout Pack 11 and Boy Scout Troop 11, for all your support in doing projects, plus making Chestnut Memorial your safe place to meet and teach our youth the Scouting Values of Life.

Don't forget, our Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are invited to join York River United Methodist Men's Night at the Peninsula Pilots baseball game on Monday, Jul. 15 at 7 p.m. Let me know if you are interested, so I can get tickets for families wanting to go for a fun family night. We have some great leaders and I salute you all.

Pack 11 has been very busy in May and June, with all the Pack scouts moving up to their next rank to start on their new program of Tigers, Bears, Wolves and Webelos 1 and 2. The Pack 11 Carnival was a big success and the kids had a great time playing games and eating popcorn.

The Pack invited schools from the neighborhood and our Pack picked up three new scouts and their families. The Pack went camping in Newport News Park to finish up their last requirements of camping as a family, so our cubs could achieve their rank at the June meeting. All of our cubs advanced and will be starting their new rank over the summer.

Many of our Cub Scouts have signed up for Cub Camp in Hampton and also a few are going to a week-long Cub Scout Summer Camp at Brady Saunders. The Pack has recruited a few new leaders and committee folks, so in the fall, we will be ahead of the game somewhat. We will be looking at recruiting at Back-to-School Night at Deer Park, Saunders, Sedgefield, Palmer, Kiln Creek and Watkins for Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and Webelos.

Thank you, Pack 11 for helping with Rise Against Hunger at Chestnut Memorial along with a few scouts from Troop 11 and Girl Scouts from Troop 1027 Wesley UMC. It was so wonderful to see these scouts in action as they worked as a team to help Chestnut and Wesley UMC help feed those who don’t have food to eat around the world.

Our own Samantha is working hard to complete her Arrow of Light and is looking to join our Troop 11 G unit this fall, which will start our new program at Chestnut Memorial, a Chartered Scout BSA Unit for Girls. Janet Cooper is the Scoutmaster for Troop 11 G and she will be working with all the girls ages 11 to 17 who are wanting to take on camping, high adventure, water sports, fishing, rifle and shotgun shooting and much more. Join us this fall, if your daughter wants to tackle the challenge of Scout BSA.

Troop 11 is going to summer camp and will be working on merit badges over the summer. Elizabeth Burtner is working with the troop with Art Merit Badge and looking on, the scouts are having fun learning about drawing and painting.

On Jul. 4 at 7 p.m. in the Outdoor Chapel at Chestnut, Troop 11 will be having a cookout and flag retirement ceremony. Our scouts are heading this up, so if you have a old flag that needs to be retired, let us know and we will take care of it.

Troop 11 is growing, as three new scouts have joined and they hope to pick up a few more scouts this fall from Back-to-SchoolNight and from Cub Scouts aging out from Cubs.

The big event that will happen at Chestnut will be on Sep. 22 at 5 p.m., where Troop 11 and Chestnut Memorial UMC will be celebrating 100 years of scouting at Chestnut. This is a milestone event for our church, since we are the only church on the Peninsula with a partnership with Boy Scouts for 100 years. I hope church members will attend the Troop 11 spaghetti dinner and program that will talk about highlights of Troops 3, 11 and 14 over the past 100 years.

This year also starts the 100 Years of the Boy Scouts of America and The United Methodist Church.

Thank you Chestnut, for 100 years of Scouting in our church.

Girl Scout Troop 1260 is winding down for the summer also but will have events during the summer for the girls to do. Sandy Elder does a great job of making sure the unit is doing something to keep earning requirements and setting the goals for each girl scout to achieve.

One other program open to Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts is our Pray Program to earn their Faith Award. Jesus and Me, kindergarten and first grade; God and Me, first to third grade; God and Family, grades four to six; God and Church, grades six to eight; and God and Life, grades nine to twelve. If you are interested in working on this program this summer, contact Tim Ewing and he can see which counselor can help you get this program started.

Have a nice summer, scouts, leaders and committee; you earned some time off. So see you this September for a new year of Scouting at Chestnut Memorial.