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Most Scout units, whether boys or girls, don't share news of what is going with the unit, so the church misses out on Boy and Girl Scouts growing in the church and news of how the program is growing.

At Chestnut, this is a Ministry, where we want to know how the units are doing and watching them grows in the values of scouting.
We have three great units and I am thankful to be able to be the Scouting Ministry Coordinator for the second term for CMUMC. Here we post news of the units and pictures so that as a church, we know that our units (Boy Scout Pack11, Troop 11 and Girl Scout Troop 1260) are part of our church family and we are proud to have some of the best leaders in the area.

Not many churches can say that they have a close working relationship with their units and many don't even do a Scout Sunday to honor their scouts.

So on Feb. 24th, both services will have some news on what scouting is doing at Chestnut and we ask all Girl or Boy Scouts to wear their uniform to church and for those who are leaders, we want you to show you're proud for scouting too.

At the 11:15 a.m. service, our Girl and Boy Scouts will help lead the service and I have the honor of presenting Faith Awards to a few Troop 11 scouts who have earned them, as well as the Cross and Flame Award, God and Service Award, and Good Samaritan Award to two Scouts who have shown outstanding service to others.

For the fourth year, Chestnut Memorial is the only Shepherd Church Charter Church out of all the United Methodist churches in the York River District. Since Chappy has come to Chestnut, scouting has been a part of the church and I think he enjoys seeing the Boy and Girl Scouts in the hallway just as much as I do.

Scouting is part of our family and I am looking forward to our congregation meeting the leaders and Scouts of BSA Pack 11, Troop 11 and GSA Troop 1260.

Together, our units are building strong values for Scouting and that is why our units are growing each year and helping to bring those without a church home, a place that welcomes them no matter what their faith is. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and believe that a scout is reverent. That will always be first for our scouting families.
Now January was a busy month for Troop 1260, Pack 11 and Troop 11, where both our Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have been learning about the STEM Program.

Thanks to Pack 11 for fitting the PreSchool/Church Flag Pole and buying a American / Christian Flag to fly on the Flag Pole.
February will also be a busy month as the scouts will be helping with the Sweetheart Dinner and Dance, serving our couples who have come out to honor each other.

Pack 11 will be having their Blue and Gold Banquet on Feb. 9 to honor the BSA Birthday, and attending Scout Sunday Sunrise Service in Yorktown on Feb. 3.

The biggest event of the month: all our Cub Scouts will be racing their Pinewood Derby cars, for a chance to represent the pack in the District Pinewood Derby in March.

he Pack will also have an Outlaw Race, for church members, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth and anyone who has something on wheels to race on the derby track. The date is Feb. 23, one day before Scout Sunday. So hope you will be able to make the race or cheer our scouts on. I know the leaders will set up a booth for some good eats, so join them at the scout snack bar for a bite to eat between races.

Troop 11 has planned their calendar for the next six months and our scouts plan to do some winter camping in February. And watch for the mulch flyers that will be coming out this month.

I am proud to announce that we have a new leader who will be working with the girls who join Boy Scouts this month. Chestnut is one of three churches in Newport News that will have girls join Scouts BSA. This is for all youth 11 to 17, boys and girls. Janet Cooper, who has been around scouting for years, will lead the unit of girls. She has been working with Troop 11 and Pack 11 girls in our Cub Pack. She is a trained leader and understands how fun scouting is for all. She just took on a rock climbing wall and showed the scouts "we all can do it, if we all put our minds to it."

Scout BSA is reaching out to single families, who don't have to give up on their child learning scouting values because scouts know, it is important to keep the family together.

Troop 1260 Girl Scouts are working hard on Tuesday to complete their requirements and build a sister relationship between the girls in the troop. I hope you can order some cookies from some of our Girl Scouts at the church on Sunday, so our troop can help pay for their activities.

Learning to sell means learning to earn and pay your own way, one of the best values we can teach all scouts.
I hope you are excited about scouting as I am, so let's pray for our leaders and scouts, that Chestnut can give all families the program of choice for their youth and have one of the best programs in the area.